Jessie & Cassie

Jessie & Cassie

About Jessie & Cassie

Jessie McKay:

Australia native Jessie McKay is an athlete, actor, podcaster, and model. Alongside best friend, Cassie Lee, she cohosts the podcast Off Her Chops, which debuted in the Top 5 on the Apple Podcast charts. A former Women’s Tag Team Champion, Jessie has been wrestling since her 18th birthday and when she’s not wrestling or podcasting she can be found playing video games, cooking, and visiting the theme parks of her current hometown of Orlando, FL.

Cassie Lee:

Cassie Lee is an athlete, actor, podcaster, and model and has been wrestling professionally since 2009. Alongside her partner, fellow Australian and childhood best friend Jessie McKay, Lee are former Women’s Tag Team Champions. Lee and McKay now host the extremely popular podcast Off Her Chops. When not in the ring, she loves working out, traveling, and watching her beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. She currently lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and fellow wrestler, Shawn Spears, and their 2 dogs.

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