Sheriff Scott Rose

Sheriff Scott Rose

About Sheriff Scott Rose

Sheriff Rose is a 20+ year law enforcement veteran from Minnesota who’s worked in patrol, warrants, investigations, and administration during his career. He is on the board of directors for the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association and the Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation of SE Minnesota. Law enforcement is a second career for Sheriff Rose. Prior to law enforcement he attended broadcasting school in Arizona and worked in radio as an audio production director and announcer for radio stations in Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota.

The Officer Down Memorial Podcast episodes are researched, written, and produced by Sheriff Rose. He uses the skills he’s gained from both careers to put you, the listener, back in that era and experience what those officers experienced. More recent stories incorporate radio and telephone traffic, first hand accounts from officers who were there, and input from the families who were left behind. The Sheriff’s goal with this program is to honor these fallen heroes, help us remember their service, remind us we must always support the families they left behind, and to ensure their sacrifice is NEVER FORGOTTEN!

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