Hurrdat Media Network: Unleashing Unfiltered Entertainment News

by Pat Safford | Jun 5, 2023 | Media News

Hurrdat Media Network skyrocketed into the #1 position in the Entertainment News category on Apple Podcasts last week—with seven podcasts ranking in the top 100. As the go-to podcast network for no-holding-back entertainment and pop culture, Hurrdat Media Network captivates the hearts of celebrity gossip junkies, reality TV enthusiasts, and Bravo network aficionados. Let’s dive into the impressive lineup of shows that tell engaging stories, resonate with fans, and propelled the network to the top.

Hollywood Raw

At the forefront, “Hollywood Raw“, helmed by TMZ alum Dax Holt and renowned New York City paparazzi Adam Glyn, serves up all the juicy details straight from the heart of Hollywood. With their insider knowledge and candid interviews, the show promises an unedited look at the “humanized Hollywood.”

Hot Off The Mess

Hot Off The Mess” is a pop culture news podcast starring Samantha Bush (a.k.a. @bravohistorian) as your host. Think of it as “60 Minutes,” but for Bravo fans. Each week, Samantha will be covering Bravo’s breaking news stories and messiest moments, sometimes with the help of her Bravo-obsessed fans or Bravo-lebrities themselves. No punches are pulled. It might get weird, it might get snarky, but it’ll definitely get messy.

Melissa Rivers’ Group Text

Melissa Rivers’ Group Text” brings the iconic Melissa Rivers to the podcasting sphere, offering a unique perspective on Hollywood’s hottest topics. Carrying on the legacy of her late mother, Joan Rivers, Melissa’s insider knowledge, witty commentary, and celebrity interviews create an engaging and entertaining show that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Morgan’s Pop Talks

Morgan’s Pop Talks” dives into the latest pop culture phenomena, fangirl moments, and fascinating conversations surrounding the world of Bravo and pop-culture. Hosted by Morgan, a spirited enthusiast and reality TV expert, the show keeps listeners informed and on the edge of their seats with its fresh, lively take on trending topics.

Total Ship Show & 30, Flirty And Flying & The Captain Sandy and Leah Rae Show

Hurrdat Media has fans of Bravo’s “Below Deck” covered. Originally known for their roles on their hit reality show, the talented stars-turned-podcast-hosts treat listeners to never-before-told insights. You’ll get the best behind-the-scenes stories about “Below Deck Mediterranean” and the maritime industry with “Total Ship Show” from your host Malia White and her fellow yachties. Co-hosts Katie Flood and Malia White talk about traveling as 30-something single women in “30, Flirty And Flying.” And the wildly successful Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Rae weave inspirational stories of leadership and perseverance on “The Captain Sandy and Leah Rae Show.

As the #1 network in the Entertainment News category on Apple Podcasts, Hurrdat Media Network engages audiences with its diverse shows and engaging perspectives on the entertainment world. Whether you’re seeking behind-the-scenes insights, juicy gossip, or lively discussions about the latest celebrity trends, Hurrdat Media Network is the ultimate destination for all thing pop culture. Join millions of listeners by subscribing to these podcasts or other Hurrdat Media shows today.