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Hurrdat Media has partnered with brands, businesses, and experts across the country to create a diverse podcast network. From restaurant reviews and sports recaps to pop culture discussions and financial advice, Hurrdat Media podcasts reach audiences of all interests and keep them coming back for more.

With studio recording space, a professional production team, distribution on top podcast platforms, and the support of Hurrdat’s digital marketing agency, podcast network partners have everything they need to create a successful podcast and get their audio content out to the right audiences.

Featured Podcasts

Total Ship Show

Working in the maritime industry can be thrilling and very dangerous. No one knows this better than Malia White, Bosun on Bravo’s hit show Below Deck Mediterranean. Drop your anchor for real-life stories about modern-day pirates, accidents and dangers at sea, survivor stories from the people who lived them, and true crime cases that will shock you!

I've Heard That

A podcast featuring digital marketing experts from Hurrdat Marketing discussing current digital marketing trends, notable changes in the digital marketing industry, common issues/questions from digital marketing clients, how digital marketing impacts various day-to-day interactions with the web, etc.

Hollywood Raw

Take a dive into Hollywood unlike you’ve done before. Real, raw and uncensored. Come join us as we talk to celebs living their lives in front of cameras and hear from the paparazzi behind those cameras. Find out the latest dish on your favorite celebrities and what they’re really like after filming stops. Hosted by entertainment news veteran Dax Holt and NYC photojournalist Adam Glyn.

Ex Appeal

Jennifer Lahmers (Host on EXTRA) and Julien Marlon (French actor) used to hook up, now they’re friends.
They discuss today’s dating culture with brutal honesty while offering their own perspective on specific dating topics.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could openly ask any dating/relationship questions to the opposite sex? That is exactly what they are doing. After all, who else can give you better dating advice than your ex?

Innocent Til Tipsy

True Crime Tiktoker Danielle Dell’Olio sits down every week with a glass – sometimes a bottle of wine to tell you about a true crime case she feels passionately about. Sometimes dabbling in the crimes of Hollywood, but always with a message of what we can do to make the world a better place. So grab a drink and stay for a spell.

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Hail Varsity Magazine covers

Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity is the voice of Husker nation. As the premier Nebraska college sports media, Hail Varsity provides unmatched coverage of everything from college athlete recruiting to post-game recaps with world-class photography, cutting-edge commentary and analysis, and more.

With a highly trafficked website, weekly podcasts and radio shows, online forums, popular social media channels, ten magazine issues, and the annual Husker Football Yearbook, Hail Varsity offers unmatched advertising opportunities for brands that want to get in front of the greatest fan base in the nation.

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