Podcast Advertising

Struggling to connect with new audiences through traditional advertising? Hurrdat Media offers podcast advertising services that can give your ads new life and help you engage with more customers!

On-Air Ad Reads

Advertising through podcasting is the perfect way to reach new customers. You can work directly with podcast creators whose audio content aligns closely with your business. Not to mention, when podcasters advertise your business, it feels more authentic for listeners since ads are woven into each episode naturally, making it feel as though the host believes in what they’re talking about and wants listeners to learn more.

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Social Media Marketing

Need to get the word out about your podcast? At Hurrdat Media, we’ll work with you to set up unique Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles where you can share information about your show, provide new episode releases, and develop social media ads that will increase your online visibility!

Join Our Media Network

Whether you’re looking for unique advertising opportunities or simply want to get your podcast out to a larger audience, consider joining the Hurrdat Media network. Home to several media partners, our in-house network can help boost your brand visibility and provide digital marketing support.

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Podcast Hosting

Need help with podcast hosting and distribution? Hurrdat Media provides a secure place to store media files and add your podcast to major podcast streaming platforms.

Contact Us

Interested in setting up podcast ads with Hurrdat Media? Get in touch with our team today!

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