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Hurrdat Media offers digital media services, including podcast production, commercial video production services, sports media, and live event management. We operate the highly visible Hurrdat Media Network with over 60 shows. We help you tell your story and reach your audience in a more authentic, engaging way.


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About Hurrdat Media

Hurrdat Media is the digital media division of Hurrdat. Backed by a team of media professionals, our agency helps brands and businesses of all sizes produce and advertise creative audio and visual media.

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Want to launch a podcast backed by media experts? Looking for new advertising opportunities? Become a media partner with the Hurrdat Media network!

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Media Services

From podcast production and advertising to commercial video work, Hurrdat Media can help your brand get in front of customers with creative media that tells your story.

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Media Network

Looking for unique advertising opportunities? Want to start a podcast supported by experienced media professionals? Join the Hurrdat Media network of partners to get the visibility your brand needs!

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Digital Marketing

With everything from web design and SEO services to social media marketing and content marketing, Hurrdat can help you achieve your online marketing goals!


5 Reasons to Publish Podcast Show Notes

5 Reasons to Publish Podcast Show Notes

Unlike podcast descriptions and podcast transcripts, podcast show notes are a written overview of a single podcast episode. Posting show notes can help you promote your podcast, engage your listeners, and expand your audience. Below are the five main reasons your...

How to Boost Podcast Listener Engagement

How to Boost Podcast Listener Engagement

Want to build a strong connection with your podcast audience to encourage engagement and retain listeners? Here are 14 tips for boosting your podcast's listener engagement! Find Out Who Your Listeners Are Knowing who your podcast audience is can help you increase...

How to Use Audiograms for Podcast Promotion

How to Use Audiograms for Podcast Promotion

A podcast audiogram is a powerful tool that can help generate more attention for your show. Audiograms are typically short excerpts from a podcast that combine visual arts, audio tracks, sound waves, and text to create a shareable marketing asset. Learn more about why...

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Hurrdat Entertainment can get your brand in front of new audiences and create memorable experiences with live event promotion, film production, and other entertainment services!

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