Podcast Production

Need help bringing your podcast idea to life? Hurrdat Media has the studio space, high-quality production equipment, and experienced podcast producers you’re searching for!

Podcast Studio Space

Our podcast studio provides you with a quiet, professional space where you can record your podcast on your own and even host interviews. We have spaces that can accommodate just one person and even multi-person groups! Studio space is rented out in 30-minute and 60-minute windows and includes the use of our professional podcast equipment so that you don’t have to invest in your own studio-grade equipment.

Podcast Equipment

When producing your podcast with Hurrdat Media, we provide the professional podcasting equipment you need to create high-quality digital media. Equipment includes microphones, headphones, digital audio recorders, and more!

Podcast Producers

Gather your ideas, take a seat at the mic, and let our Hurrdat Media podcast producers work their magic! Our producers will be in-studio to offer assistance during your recording and ensure your session runs according to plan. We help with:


Overseeing podcast production


Coordinating podcast interviews


Sound editing and post-production


Podcast distribution, marketing, and advertising


The production team at Hurrdat Media is more than happy to help you develop your podcast idea. We can discuss how often you’re looking to release content, how many episodes you want to create, whether you’re planning on a series or just one-offs, and even if we need to pair your audio content with a website and digital marketing campaign. We aren’t here to just produce a podcast and be done. We want to see you succeed and continue to be successful with all of your digital media production goals!

Technical Support

The Hurrdat Media team is dedicated to helping you with all of your podcast production needs. We can handle everything from helping you set up social media profiles to getting your podcast in front of more people online. We can also assist with some of the more technical aspects of podcast production, including:


Licensing for music, voice work, and/or sound effects


Webpage development


Podcast transcription


Account Maintenance


Creating show notes


Submission approvals

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Podcast Advertising

Want to reach new audiences in a more authentic way? Hurrdat Media can connect you with the right podcasts to start advertising to more customers in need of services like yours.

Contact Us

Interested in producing your podcast with Hurrdat Media? Get in touch with our team today!

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