Jacqelle Lane

Jacqelle Lane

About Jacqelle Lane

Jacqelle Lane is the leading voice behind “Every Child Matters: Preventing Teenage Suicide and Reducing Bullying,”  A resident of Nebraska, Jacqelle has teaching endorsements in English and English as a second language as well as master’s degrees in education administration and, most recently, school counseling. Her new book, From Bully to Bestie, is a guide for students, teachers, parents, and counselors on strategies that students can use to cope with bullying behavior and create more positive behaviors along the way! She also has the only podcast dedicated to youth and suicide prevention Education with an Edge available on iTunes, Spotify, and google podcasts. Jacqelle is currently working in practice and policy for the Nebraska State Education Association. This opportunity has allowed her to model, propose, design, and implement equitable policies and procedures to promote diversity and inclusion, which she is very passionate about at the state and local levels.

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