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Jacqelle Lane

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Jacqelle Lane is the leading voice behind “Every Child Matters: Preventing Teenage Suicide and Reducing Bullying,” she isn’t just any teacher; she’s the teacher everyone remembers, the one that goes above and beyond the day-to-day so that every kid doesn’t just feel special but know that they are unique. A resident of Nebraska, Jacqelle has teaching endorsements in English and English as a Second Language and master’s degrees in Education Administration and, most recently, school counseling. Her book, From Bully to Bestie, guides students, teachers, parents, and counselors on strategies that students can use to cope with bullying behavior and create more positive behaviors! Her new book, “Every Child Matters!” It is a book about preparing children with social and coping skills for diverse circumstances and experiences. It will provide a foundation that prepares them for change and helps them develop self-confidence. It is crucial to encourage children to focus on the positives. While not all change is welcome, we can find the silver lining if we look hard enough. She also has the only podcast dedicated to youth and suicide prevention Education with an Edge available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcasts.

Jacqelle Lane, M. Ed. is the former professional practice and policy teaching fellow for the Nebraska State Education Association. She worked diligently on implementing equitable policies and procedures to promote diversity and inclusion at the state and local levels within our public schools in Nebraska. She is now the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Director at the Omaha Children’s Museum.

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