Ignite Podcast

Ignite Podcast

Ignite Women in Insurance was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing women in the insurance industry together for collaboration, friendship and encouragement. Each year, our annual conference hosts more than 200 women in sharing content that will drive confidence and encouragement. In 2023, Ignite was expanded to include all women in business as the issues facing women in insurance are not unique to the industry but rather all women looking to grow, advance, create wealth and kick ass.

The Ignite Women In Insurance and Business Podcast is an opportunity to expand the vision of Ignite and explore the stories of the very women that we work to empower and encourage. We will dive into stories of success, opportunities and confidence. The 2024 conference is all about confidence – how do we get it, strengthen it and live in that confidence.

What can you expect from the podcast –
1. Truth – speaking truth to women about how they can grow and sustain their confidence in an era where women continue to thrive for a seat at the decision-making table.
2. Strength – while much progress has been made to give women a seat at the table, there is much work to do and we are calling on everyone – men and women alike to find strength in numbers as we continue to pave a new path.
3. Action – what are the ways that you can step into your greatness establishing a confident path that aligns with your overall life objectives.
4. Energy – the energy we possess is what will take us to the next level – elevating us in ways that bring happiness and joy! This podcast will bring you energy!

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