Rob-See-Co Field Ready

Rob-See-Co Field Ready

Farming is a challenging business with many factors affecting the outcome of the growing season. On the 1st and 15th of every month, join genetics and biotechnology expert Jim Robinson, Rob-See-Co Corn & Soybean Product Manager, for the Rob-See-Co Field Ready podcast. Jim will provide the latest information on technology, product challenges, and ag industry trends, and interview agronomy specialists, growers, and other guests from across the Midwest and the seed industry about their experience in the current agriculture environment. If you grow Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, or Sorghum or are interested in the latest information on seed, this podcast is for you.

Rob-See-Co Field Ready is a Hurrdat Media Network production. Hurrdat Media is a digital media and commercial video production company based in Omaha, NE. Find other great podcasts today on the Hurrdat Media Network!

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