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Clay Anderson

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Clayton Anderson is – “Nebraska’s Astronaut!” Born in Omaha and raised in Ashland, he currently resides near Houston, Texas, with his beautifully talented wife Susan. Now retired (2013) after a stellar 30-year career with NASA, Anderson accumulated 167 days in space while living onboard the International Space Station for over 5 months in 2007 and serving as a Mission Specialist aboard Discovery with the STS-131 Space Shuttle crew in 2010.

A seasoned spacewalker, Anderson spent nearly 40 hours in the unforgiving vacuum of space, having helped build the space station through the execution of 6 spacewalks, ranking him in the top 40 on the world’s cumulative all-time spacewalk record list.

Author of 4 hugely successful –and two award-winning– books, Clayton’s remarkable career has been chronicled in a documentary by Nebraska Educational Television (NET) entitled “Homemade Astronaut.” He has appeared on the History Channel with Larry the Cable Guy (“Only in America,”) the Travel Channel with Kevin Connolly (“Armed and Ready)” and Don Wildman (“Off Limits”), and The Science Channel’s “Secret Space Escapes.”

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