Jill Dudzinski

Jill Dudzinski

About Jill Dudzinski

In 2017, Jill rolled down the streets of Omaha with her mobile fashion truck, ‘hello ruby’. Bringing style to the curbside, Jill’s venture quickly became ever-evolving with pop-up shops, hello ruby’s own branded label, collaboration with small and large brands + expansion into more of the Midwest.

But Jill’s passion for community and collaboration didn’t stop there. In 2018, she co-founded ‘A Local Collective’ with an Instagram-made friend, Katie Lakin, to provide a thriving member community that amplifies the voices of small business in Nebraska.

In the whirlwind of fashion and small business, Jill Dudzinski’s heart beats to the rhythm of family fun. Married to Austin (aka her partner-in-crime and designated “better half”), and with two adorable co-drivers (Paxton and Noelle) navigating the chaos we call life.


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