John & Kristy Oakey

John & Kristy Oakey

About John & Kristy Oakey

John and Kristi Oakey moved to Omaha in 1995 for John’s job as a sports anchor at KETV. Kristi grew up in California and Texas. John has lived all over the US, but both consider The Woodlands, Texas, as their hometown. John graduated from Texas A&M and loves all things Aggies (even though most years the football team leaves him frustrated). John is the morning news anchor for the No. 1 rated morning show at KETV. Kristi owns a home health care company called Personal Choice Services. They also have a business transforming lives, through weight loss, gut health, better skin, more energy, better finances, and more.

John & Kristi have six kids, from adults to elementary age. Their kids are active. This family is buy! So why add a podcast to an already crazy life? John & Kristi bring a unique in-sight to marriage (high school sweethearts to 30 years of marriage). They have a gay son, bi-racial children and a married son.

Life is never boring with these two. And they love to travel! So they have a lot to share and talk about with you.

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