John Battistini

John Battistini

About John Battistini

John Battistini is a creative director and entrepreneur living in New York. John was born on Long Island where he discovered skateboarding, hip-hop and punk rock in the early 80s.

After college in Scranton PA, where he studied Communications, he went on to work in advertising during the rise of digital media and the internet.

While witnessing the dot-com boom and bust of the 90s, John founded his own digital consulting company helping brands tell their stories digitally.

Before landing at his current job in the PR industry, John created a couple of side businesses including an action-sports apparel brand, and a vinyl toy company.

But these days though he mostly spends time with his family when he’s not working his day job, creating RC car video content for YouTube, or yelling in the ear of longtime friend Dan Napoli every month.

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