“Just Jossin’ Around” Added To The Hurrdat Media Network

by Hurrdat Media | Apr 9, 2023 | Hurrdat Media Press Releases

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Summary: TL;DR: Hurrdat Media Network introduces "Just Jossin' Around," a fun podcast hosted by comedian Joselyn DeBonis, featuring hilarious stories and banter with special guests. Pat Safford, Hurrdat's Director of Network Podcasts, praises DeBonis' talent and wit. DeBonis is excited to bring laughter and connection to listeners, with episodes airing every Friday on major platforms and YouTube. The podcast promises a light-hearted escape and a chance to enjoy DeBonis' humor and charm. Join the fun at HurrdatMedia.com for a dose of entertainment and laughter.

Omaha, NE – The Hurrdat Media Network, known for its dynamic and growing collection of engaging podcasts, is excited to announce the addition of “Just Jossin’ Around” to its diverse lineup. Hosted by the incredibly talented local stand-up comedian Joselyn DeBonis, this lighthearted and amusing podcast will surely delight listeners.

Pat Safford, Hurrdat Media’s Director of Network Podcasts, shared his enthusiasm for the new collaboration. “We’re always on the lookout for outstanding local entertainment to further expand our podcast network, and we’re thrilled to welcome Joslyne DeBoise and her show ‘Just Jossin’ Around’ to the Hurrdat Media Network family,” he said. “Joslyne is a truly funny and engaging personality who will represent our network with style and wit.”

“Just Jossin’ Around” is the perfect way to inject some humor into your day. Each week, host and comedian Joslyne DeBonis will be joined by special guests, often fellow comedians, to share their hilarious stories, perspectives, and banter. It’s a lively, entertaining podcast that listeners won’t want to miss.

DeBonis expressed her gratitude and excitement about joining the Hurrdat Media Network. “I am beyond thrilled and so grateful for this incredible opportunity to create a space for fun, laughter, and connection while working alongside an amazing team of people at Hurrdat,” she said. “I can’t wait to see this project flourish and grow with their support!”

Eager fans can tune in to new episodes of “Just Jossin’ Around” every Friday on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcast. For those who prefer a visual experience, full video episodes are also available on the Hurrdat Media Network YouTube channel.

For more information on Just Jossin Around visit HurrdatMedia.com.

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