Malia White Launches “Total Ship Show” Podcast with Hurrdat Media Network

by Hurrdat Media | Mar 22, 2022 | Hurrdat Media Press Releases

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Summary: TL;DR: Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean launched a new podcast, Total Ship Show, with co-host Amanda Logan, sharing untold stories from the yachting industry. White, known for her role on the show, aims to make yachting her career. The podcast delves into behind-the-scenes details, cast relationships, and yachting secrets. Each episode highlights White's aspirations and perspectives within the industry. The show is part of the Hurrdat Media Network, offering carefully curated podcasts. Season 1 started in March 2022. White's passion for yachting and desire to share her journey set her apart from others in the industry. Check out Total Ship Show for more insights and entertainment.

Malia White, one of the stars of the hit Bravo TV show Below Deck Mediterranean, recently launched a new podcast with the Hurrdat Media Network. Total Ship Show, which premiered on March 15, 2022, features White and co-host Amanda Logan sharing the untold stories behind Below Deck and the yachting industry.

White has a passion for the outdoors and being on the water, which is what led her to yachting. She earned a degree in Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder and lived in Hawaii, where she spent several years teaching scuba diving. Though White is best known for her role as Bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean, she intends to make yachting her career and is currently working toward her Officers ticket.

“What you see on Bravo is me. It is definitely the real me, but I’ve grown up a bit, and I want to share my passion for this industry because, a few of the Below Deck people, they don’t continue to work in the industry. Or they do Below Deck as their way out of the industry. That’s not my story. My story is Below Deck was my way into the industry, and I want to make this a career,” White explained in the first episode of her podcast.

Each episode of Total Ship Show will highlight White’s career aspirations and perspectives within both the entertainment and yachting industries, as well as behind-the-scenes details about the Below Deck cast relationships, filming process, yachting secrets, and more.

“We’re extremely excited and honored to have Malia White join the Hurrdat Media Network,” added Chris Gorman, Senior Vice President of Hurrdat Media. “We’re all big fans of Below Deck, but even bigger fans of Malia and the stories she gets to share through Total Ship Show.”

Episodes of Total Ship Show will be released in seasons. Season 1 kicked off in March 2022.

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