Julien Marlon

Julien Marlon

About Julien Marlon

Julien was born and raised in France. He lived there pretty much his whole life. Since he was 16 years old he always had an interest in the entertainment industry, but never followed it. At 18, he moved to Montreal, Canada in order to study finance and marketing. Two weeks after he landed in Montreal, he was scouted by Next Model. He started modeling on the side in college, giving him a little sneak pic of what the world of entertainment was like.
During college he also worked as a bartender, which meant he was modeling, bartending and a full time college student. Once he graduated, he took his first acting class and had a blast. Julien decided to pack his stuff and move to LA to pursue acting full time.

He has been in LA for 8 years modeling and acting. He has found some success in both industries and is continuing to build his acting career.

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