Spotify Greenroom: Can Live Audio Help Grow Your Podcast?

by Jill Thomas | Aug 13, 2021 | Podcasting

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Summary: TL;DR: Spotify Greenroom is a new app for hosting live audio conversations, offering podcasters a chance to engage with listeners in real-time. It allows for interactive sessions, converting chats into podcast episodes, and connecting with new audiences. By joining the Greenroom Creator Fund, creators can get paid for content. The app integrates with Anchor for easy podcast distribution and social media sharing. While still new, Greenroom is a valuable tool for podcast growth and audience interaction, helping hosts improve their skills and expand their reach. Consider signing up to enhance your podcasting experience and skills, even if the app's popularity wanes in the future.

Spotify recently immersed itself in the social audio space alongside apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces with the release of Spotify Greenroom. The new app gives listeners and streamers a new space to get together and talk, all while being connected to one of the largest streaming platforms online. Learn how to get started using Spotify Greenroom and how it might be a good way to grow your podcast.

What Is Spotify Greenroom?

Spotify Greenroom is an app that gives users a way to host and join live audio conversations, similar to a live podcast. If you already have an existing Spotify account, you can easily sign up for Greenroom using those credentials or create a brand new account.

After you’re signed up, you can join groups that fit your podcast niche and areas of interest. To start having live conversations, all you have to do is create a room and fill out a few details. During the conversation, listeners will have access to a live chat and be able to request to speak, helping you interact with them.

How to Grow Your Podcast with Spotify Greenroom

While live social audio is a newer concept in the podcast realm, it can still be one way to grow your podcast. Here are some reasons to consider adding Spotify Greenroom to your podcast strategy!

Interact with Listeners

Conversations on Spotify Greenroom allow you to interact with your audience on a more personal level than a traditional podcast episode. Listeners can ask to speak throughout the session and give their opinion or ask questions, as well as interact within the live chat feature. Since there’s more back and forth between the host and listener, listeners can get to know you better and possibly be inclined to keep up with you on your podcast show and social media profiles.

Be Visible in Other Rooms

As a podcast host, it can be beneficial for you to join other Greenroom sessions and listen in on conversations. This allows you to get on the same level as everyday listeners—instead of being in an authoritative position like you are on a podcast—which can help you better understand what listeners are interested in. On top of that, participating in other rooms may even help you connect with new listeners.

Dive Deep into Published Episode Material

In some cases, you could use Greenroom as a sort of follow-up podcast episode. You can use a live audio session to go more in-depth about a certain topic you’ve covered or open up your room for a Q&A so that listeners can ask any questions about the topic and hear your thoughts.

Convert Audio Chat into Podcast Episodes

Because Greenroom allows you to record and save your room session, you can convert a session into a podcast episode that users can listen to on-demand through Spotify whenever they want. You can also upload your Greenroom session to other podcast platforms as well, which can be beneficial if you’re just starting a podcast.

Open Other Topics of Conversation

Spotify Greenroom is a good way to have conversations outside of your podcast niche since you’re not limited to one genre. If you host a true crime podcast but want to have a discussion about current events, Greenroom is a great place to do that! And since anyone can join your room, you may be able to convert new listeners into loyal followers.

Strategize Using Greenroom Creator Fund

In order to help support creators on Greenroom, Spotify has released a Greenroom Creator Fund that can help you get paid for creating content and growing your community on the platform. This is a great incentive for building your following on Greenroom—and since the app is still new, you have the opportunity to capitalize on it early.

Upload to Other Podcast Listening Platforms

Aside from owning Greenroom, Spotify also owns Anchor, a podcast hosting platform that makes it simple to distribute your podcast across other listening platforms. For podcasters, the integration of Spotify Greenroom and Anchor means you can record and distribute a session with ease. After you record a Greenroom session, you can upload it directly to Anchor, name the recording, write a quick description, and publish it. This helps simplify the process for you so you can quickly get your podcast episodes out there for listeners to hear!

Connect Greenroom to Social Media Profiles

If you’re using social media to boost your podcast, Spotify Greenroom can help. You can connect social media profiles from Twitter, YouTube, and more to your Greenroom account, which means listeners can easily follow you on all platforms whenever you host a room. After a live audio session, you can share the conversation with your followers via social media. Plus, you have the option to share the episode from Anchor directly, so it can be another quick way to get your podcast in front of current followers.

Should You Sign Up for Spotify Greenroom?

While Spotify Greenroom is still a fairly new app, it may be worth signing up and giving it a try. You can use it to help hone your skills as a podcast host to improve the listening experience and even learn how to interact with listeners as a way to learn how to speak with guests on your show. Even if the app does fade later, you will be able to take those skills with you to other podcasting platforms!

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