What Are Podcast Transcripts & Why Should You Use Them?

by Jill Thomas | Mar 17, 2021 | Podcasting

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Summary: TL;DR: Podcast transcripts help your show get discovered by search engines and cater to a wider audience. They offer more content for listeners, improve SEO, and provide accessibility for the hearing impaired or those who prefer reading. You can create transcripts yourself, use automated services for speed but with possible errors, or opt for human transcription services for accuracy but at a higher cost. Including transcripts on your website or YouTube descriptions can boost engagement and reach. Transcripts also allow for sharing on social media, blogs, and newsletters. Overall, transcribing your podcast episodes enhances visibility, audience reach, and content accessibility.

Podcast transcripts are a great way to help search engines and new listeners discover your podcast online. Learn more about the benefits of transcribing your podcast episodes and how to create transcripts!

  • What Is a Podcast Transcript?
  • Benefits of Podcast Transcripts
  • How to Create a Podcast Transcript

What Is a Podcast Transcript?

A podcast transcript is a word-for-word account of what was said during your podcast episode. You can create a podcast transcript yourself or use a transcription service to do it for you. Though you can’t post transcripts on podcast directories, you can include it on your podcast website or in YouTube descriptions for your video podcast.

Benefits of Podcast Transcripts

Transcripts of your podcast episodes not only provide more ways for your podcast listeners to access the content you share, but also help search engines discover your podcast. Here are some major benefits to including a transcript with your podcast!

Gives Your Listeners More

Podcast transcripts are a great way to provide your listeners with links to products, services, businesses, and other material you mention during your podcast episode. Also, transcripts can provide you with content that you can share on social media, in blog posts, in email newsletters, on your website, and more.

Offers Better Accessibility

Though podcasts are primarily audio-based, that doesn’t mean you can’t cater to a wider audience. By creating podcast transcripts, you can make your podcast content available to those who prefer to read or those who are hearing impaired. In short, more accessibility means you can attract more listeners!

Improves Your SEO

Transcribing your episodes can help your podcast SEO strategy, as transcriptions give search engines more content to crawl. This text also allows search engines to pick up on specific keywords related to your show or the subject matter you cover in episodes, which can help you appear more in search engine results.

How to Create a Podcast Transcript

While creating your podcast transcript may seem simple, there are a few different transcription methods to consider. Let’s take a look at the three most common ways of transcribing your podcast recordings!

Do It Yourself

If you choose to take on transcribing your podcast, you’ll need to listen to the entire episode and type out what is being said verbatim. While this method can be tedious and takes a lot of time, it’s often the most accurate transcription of your podcast compared to outsourcing. Although it’s accurate and saves you money, most podcasters would rather dedicate their time to creating new content rather than transcribing.

Automated Transcription Services

Want a relatively quick transcription method? Try using a speech-to-text engine to create your transcript. Using sites like Temi or Sonix is relatively easy, and you get your transcript within minutes. That said, mistakes are a possibility. When you use this method, you may find yourself having to check and correct errors.

Human Transcription Services

Another way for podcasters to transcribe podcast audio is to use a human transcription service. While services like Rev or Go Transcript provide a more accurate transcript than using an automated transcription service, this method is the most expensive, and the turnaround time for your podcast transcript could be long.

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