An Introduction to Programmatic Audio Advertising

by Megan Schneider | Sep 14, 2023 | Podcasting

If you want to make easy passive income from your audio content as a podcast host, opting-in to programmatic audio ads is a good place to start. Keep reading to learn more in our introductory guide for programmatic audio advertising!

What Is Programmatic Audio Advertising?

Programmatic audio advertising is the automated, algorithm-based inclusion of advertisements in digital audio content like music, digital radio, and podcasts. More broadly, programmatic advertising refers to the automated and buying and selling of digital ad space, most commonly seen as webpage ads.

How Do Programmatic Audio Ads Work?

Programmatic audio advertising is based on the principle of precise audience targeting. Brands purchase ad space on a demand side platform and set a budget for their campaign. Algorithms will then analyze user signals to ensure the ads serve the right person at the right place and time. Serving relevant ads benefits advertisers by increasing the likelihood of a conversion while still complementing the listener’s experience.

This type of podcast advertising uses first and third-party data from audio partners—such as Spotify, Google, and SoundCloud—to help target users’ preferred podcast genres, playlists, and moods. Access to that data allows brands to then fine-tune and target specific demographics, socio-economic status, online behaviors, and locations of listeners.

Why Should You Use Programmatic Audio Advertising?

With around 75% of Americans streaming audio content each month, it’s not a bad idea to simply enable programmatic audio ads to play on your show in order to benefit. In fact, programmatic audio ads are an easier alternative than others! Here are other benefits to using programmatic audio ads.

Another Podcast Monetization Strategy

The main benefit for podcasters utilizing programmatic audio advertising is that it allows them to monetize their podcast. The difference with this podcast monetization option is that it’s a bit easier than dealing with recording individual ad-reads for brand sponsors. It’s also less intensive and work-heavy upfront compared to monetizing your podcast by building a paid subscriber base.

Gain Exposure

Create your own programmatic audio ad to use as an ad on related podcasts. Not only can this help give an authentic taste of your content, but the relevant exposure will be more likely to drive new traffic to your show. Not to mention—because they’re based on your listeners’ activity, the ads they hear will be relevant to them and thus engage your new audience while reinforcing trust in their burgeoning interest in your podcast.

Collect Audience Insights

Once you’ve released the algorithm-based audio ad, give it time to reach your audience. Then, learn more about your audience on a wider scale by reviewing the analytics associated with your audio ad. These insights, analyses, and data provide real-time information that can allow you to facilitate a unique podcaster-listener bond at a low cost—and is an excellent way to boost podcast listener engagement!

Best Practices for Programmatic Audio Campaigns

To create an engaging podcast ad strategy, you’ll want to keep best programmatic audio campaign practices for your ideal audience in mind:

  • Set daily pacing goals when it’s time to schedule your ads to run.
  • Develop a clear, easy-to-understand message.
  • Keep it short (the recommended length for audio ads is 30 seconds).
  • Keep it friendly and conversational.
  • Make it memorable, using music and sounds to create an engaging ad.
  • Include a strong call-to-action (CTA) to drive listeners to your show.

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