Get More Out of Podcast Content with These 8 Repurposing Ideas

by Katie Elfering | Oct 21, 2022 | Podcasting

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Summary: TL;DR: Repurposing podcast content can boost reach and engagement. Transcribe episodes for accessibility and SEO, write blog posts with show notes, share engaging images and audiograms on social media, send email newsletters with episode highlights, host live Q&A sessions, create social media videos, and make vodcasts for YouTube. These strategies help attract new listeners, engage current ones, and enhance your podcast's visibility across platforms. Don't miss out on maximizing your content's potential by leveraging these repurposing techniques to expand your audience and drive growth for your podcast.

Repurposing content from your podcast can help you expand your reach while also offering more value to your podcast listener base. Here are eight ways to repurpose podcast episode content!

Transcribe Your Episodes

Not only does podcast transcription improve the podcast listening experience by making it more accessible, it’s also one of the easiest ways to reuse podcast content. Podcast transcripts are word-for-word written copies of your episodes, allowing you to reach people who prefer to read content or who have auditory disabilities that make listening difficult. Transcripts also make episodes searchable and help boost your SEO so potential listeners can find you in search engine results. You can make transcripts yourself or use a transcription service like Otter or Rev.

Write Blog Posts

Blogging allows you to utilize long-form SEO tactics that can help your podcast be found in search results and drive traffic to your podcast website. Podcast blog content should add valuable context and resources that build on the information from your episodes while still remaining concise and easy to consume. Your blog posts can even feature podcast show notes, which summarize episodes and provide additional resources for listeners who want to explore a topic in more detail. In addition to blogging on your website, you can also write guest blog posts on other websites to gain new listeners and build your authority as a subject matter expert.

Share Engaging Images

Since most people process and remember visuals better than text, using images makes content more memorable and easy to understand. Pull content from your podcast episodes—such as a quote from a guest you interviewed or a funny moment with a live show panel—to create infographics, memes, or image quotes that you can share in forums, social media channels, and more. There are plenty of free tools online like Canva and BeFunky that can help you create unique, shareable graphics for your show.

Generate Audiograms

Repurpose your episode content by creating an audiogram, a short snippet of audio from your podcast that’s usually accompanied by an image and animated waveform. Podcast audiograms are great for promoting your latest episode on social media because they’re easy to consume and simple to create using tools like Wavve or Audiogram. These bite-sized pieces of content are highly shareable on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, allowing you to get your show in front of potential listeners.

Send Email Newsletters

Let your listeners know when new podcast episodes are released by sending newsletters right to their inbox! Reuse episode content by adding engaging quotes and facts, or consider adding show notes to fill out these newsletters. Using a podcast newsletter for email marketing is a great way to keep your audience engaged since you can prompt listeners to check out new and old podcast content and keep them in the loop regarding any changes or announcements.

Host Live Q&A Sessions

Keep listeners talking about your most recent podcast episode by hosting a question-and-answer session. Live Q&As are a simple way to engage with listeners while providing more context to the latest topics covered on your podcast. Host a virtual session using social media tools like Facebook Live or Instagram Live. You could even consider inviting a recent guest or expert to let them go in-depth about topics discussed during the episode.

Create Social Media Videos

Video content on social media platforms is highly shareable, getting about 1,200% more shares than text and image posts combined! Share short clips on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok to keep current listeners engaged while also reaching new audiences. You can repurpose brief snippets from your podcast recording sessions to provide announcements, behind-the-scene looks, sneak peeks, podcast trailers, and more.

Make a Vodcast

Video podcasting gives your audience a chance to put a face to the voice behind the mic and see interactions between you and your co-host or guests. Since YouTube is still one of the top platforms people use to listen to podcasts, you may find vodcasts can help you reach new listeners. You can also upload your vodcast to popular video sharing platforms like Vimeo, Playeur, and Dailymotion. Repurposing your podcast for a video format can be as simple as putting a camera in the room and filming yourself and your guests while recording the podcast.

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